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The subject for my enhanced podcast will be the Bangalow Heritage House Museum. The museum building is a unique Queenslander house that was previously a doctor’s surgery, boarding house, brothel and a family home. Bangalow was predominantly a farming area, with a dairy and timber industry. Earlier settlers to the area were of Irish heritage. Irish immigrants purchased blocks of land and helped name landmarks of the new settlement.

I will be presenting 10 significant artefacts from their collection. These artefacts have historical and social meaning. I have presented the artefacts in no particular order. The artefacts have been randomly selected from the collection, as the 4 exhibition rooms are chaotic and resemble a jumble sale shop. I had to walk from room to room and pull out concealed artefacts, behind an assembly of clutter.

My intention has also been to raise awareness of the lack of research and background information provided about the artefacts. I would like to invite people to come forward and to provide any new information they may have. These artefacts within the museum collection are in danger of becoming erased from memory, unless proper care and attention is given.  

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  • Bangalow Historical Society, Ashton Street, Bangalow, Byron Shire Council, Neusüdwales, 2479, Australien


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  • Jonathan

    4 out of 5 rating 07-25-2018

    This interesting presentation raises awareness of how items of cultural heritage significance are often at risk through neglect.

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