National Museum of Egyptian Civilization - NMEC

We Exhibit Egyptian Civilization from prehistory till now
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- NMEC portrays the Egyptian contribution to world civilization in a way that extends beyond what is visible, to include information about: knowledge, skills and values.
- NMEC reflects the richness and diversity of Egyptian culture.
- NMEC utilizes state of the art exhibition methods to present innovative and interactive visions of Egyptian civilization, thus connecting the past with the present.
- In an age of globalization, NMEC is an educational “lighthouse” projecting the different facets to Egyptians: crafts, history, languages, etc., to strengthen contemporary, especially children, Egyptians by enabling them to self-discover their identity.
- NMEC is a pioneering institution of this kind in the region; it can thus become a world-wide hub for inter-cultural dialogue.
- NMEC is a National centre for research, conservation, restoration and a secure antiquity storage facility.
- NMEC provides the highest security area for one of the world’s oldest civilizations including the collection of Egyptian Royal mummies.
- NMEC is a sustainable Museum by introducing and creating new activities to ensure partial income generation of its necessary long term running costs.