National museum of Kikinda

National museum of Kikinda is the only museum in Kikinda with mammoth skeleton, 3D movie, 5 departments and a lot of activities.
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Kikinda National Museum was founded on November 7, 1946. It is situated in the building of former Greater-Kikinda District’s Magistrate(Kurija). The Museum has six departments: archeological, ethnological, historical, natural history, fine art and pedagogical departments. The most impressive object in the museum is Kikinda Mammoth, the original fossil remains accompanied with 3D movie and a life size replica. Mamutfest is the museum's annual manifestation for children, that is held every second weekend in September with the purpose of promotion and popularization of keeping and using heritage. Educational programs of the museum include a lot of different workshops based on basic and temporary exhibitions, summer and winter children camps, as well as family programs "Museum from A to Z", "Museum detective" or "Confused curators". Museum manages Suvača, the only preserved horse powered dry mill in Serbia.