AudiotourThe Benedictine Collection

As we have already mentioned, the Benedictine fathers' collection was constituted during the 18th century by the abbot Vito Maria Amico and by the prior Placido Scammacca's impulse.

The Benedictine fathers collected, in the somptuous San Nicolò monastery, Greek and Roman materials recovered in Catania or purchased on antique markets of Naples and Rome, and objects brought by missionaries from the "Orient". In this way, they had created a collection worthy of attracting many writers and travellers of the Grand Tour.

In this section, we tell you about these Benedictine fathers, who were more dedicated to art and the pleasures of fine alimentation.... than to prayer!


Text written by students of the 4LF class of the Liceo Statale G. Lombardo Radice of Catania for the "Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro" project. Translation by Lily-Cannelle Mathieu, art history intern from McGill University (Montreal, Canada).



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