AudiotourThe Zappalà Asmundo Collection

Many objects like paintings, coins, archaeological artifacts, porcelains and precious majolica are currently situated inside the castle, but were, in the past, ornaments to the noble family Zappalà Asmundo's residence.

The members of this family have had some of the most important administrative roles of the Reign of Sicily until the Aragonese domination. Initially, there were two families: the Asmundo and the Zappalà. The firsts originated from Pisa and joined the seconds around the third decade of the 19th century by the means of two weddings. The most reknownked of these weddings is that between Benedetta Asmundo di Gisira and Raffaele Zappalà Finocchiaro, whose face you can encounter by visiting the museum's pinacoteca ("picture gallery"). This couple initiated the collection of artworks that you can now admire in the museum.  Both families were great art aficionados, enthusiasts of all the arts, from music to poetry.

This collection is a fundamental component of the exhibitions in the Ursino castle. An important lesson given to us by these illustrious collectors is the sharing of a passion for the art of the beautiful and for a time that once was.


Written by Elena Mirabella, Graziano Lacagnina, Alessia Coltraro, Valeria Correnti, Alessio Nicosia, and Chandprakash Ramful for the "Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro" project. Photo by Graziano Lacagnina and Chandprakash Ramful. Translation by Lily-Cannelle Mathieu, art history intern from McGill University (Montreal, Canada).



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