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Audio tourIn the footsteps of Dan Brown. The Inferno Quest in the heart of Florence.

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Welcome to Florence!

Today you will experience a different side of Florence, as this tour has a special purpose. This tour is based on the Dan Brown book Inferno and follows the route that the main character Professor Robert Langdon and his companion Siena Brooks take through the city. This is a quest tour, which means that along the route you will have to solve riddles or answer questions. The clues you then find will later unlock one final puzzle that has to be interpreted correctly to guarantee the success of this mission.

I will help you trying to guide you in the right direction along the way. Who I am is not important yet, let’s just say that I am watching from beyond this life, but that I am very much involved in what will happen here today. I have my own reasons to try and help you solve this mission. I am on your side, so you can trust my advice, but I cannot give you the answers, those you have to find yourself along the way. Just stay focused; I will try to give you clues that might be hidden in my messages, disguised as instructions. You never know. So let’s get on with this quest! Let’s start exploring Florence, this mysterious city bursting with history!

CERCA TROVA - Seek and ye shall find. The question is - what.

Photo Dante Domenico di Michelino Duomo Florence by Domenico di Michelino is licensed under  public domain

Quest location

  • Dietrofront, Piazzale di Porta Romana, San Frediano, Quartiere 1, Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Tuscany, 50124, Italy

The quest can only be completed on location using the izi.TRAVEL app. Please, download now to get started.


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  • Anastasiya

    5 out of 5 rating 09-29-2018


  • maris

    5 out of 5 rating 09-25-2017

    found all the letters but not the answer

  • Nínive

    5 out of 5 rating 03-15-2017

    Very entertaining! Final answer is Ceta Pasta Inerti