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You are on the property of the city manor built in the second half of the nineteenth century. At the end of 1899 it was bought by Alexey Apollonovich Bostrom – the stepfather of Alexey Tolstoy, the famous Russian writer. The manor consists of two two-storey wooden houses of the same planning. Previously, it housed 4 five-room apartments, 2 on each floor. In the backyard there is a stone annexe and outbuildings. There also used to be a barn, a stable and a well. Today, in the garden, you can still see two summer houses and a playground. At the moment the estate remains within its historical territory.
After the revolution, in 1918, the houses were appropriated by the government. The museum in the memorial house was opened in January 1983 in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the writer. At that time, it was the first museum in Russia dedicated to Alexey Tolstoy.
Currently, the estate is a museum complex with two remaining houses and a wing. Other buildings, the cobblestone cover, and the park were recreated using Tolstoy’s amateur photographs, notes of his contemporaries and scientific research. The museum exposition represents all periods of the writer's life and work in chronological order. The centerpiece is a memorial apartment where Alexey Tolstoy lived with his parents when he was a student. The family occupied one five-room apartment on the second floor of the house. The rest of the rooms were rented out.

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  • Museum-estate of A. N. Tolstoy, 135, Frunze Street, Leninskiy rayon, Samara, Samara Oblast, Volga Federal District, 443028, Russia
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