How Can izi.TRAVEL Bring you More Money?

We understand how important adequate financial support is for your projects, and even using free technologies, like izi.TRAVEL, can have costs associated with creating high quality content. Hiring professional help for your content requires large budgets.

We have great news for you: izi.TRAVEL is a powerful resource for funding your projects. We suggest two different ways to gain investments for your content.

More funds from existing Sponsors

Sponsors are important to any organisation. If you are fortunate enough to have existing sponsors, izi.TRAVEL can help you inspire them to be more involved.

When institutions decide to produce mobile audio guides they tend to develop customized apps rather than appealing content; izi.TRAVEL offers an alternative solution. Your sponsors are looking for their donations to have a lasting impact. Through allocating funds to content production and using free technologies like izi.TRAVEL, you will never lose your initial investment. Just as great movies and songs are destined to be used for decades, so will your high quality content.

We believe that “your content should outlive any technology.” Use this slogan to appeal to your sponsors. When you use Youtube you are not concerned that it will fail; Vimeo, or other competitors would be your next choice. Can you think of any technology that has remained the same for decades?

Reach out to your existing sponsors, or pitch new ones using izi.TRAVEL as a way to ensure their investments withstand the test of time.

Participate in Grant Applications

Applying for grants can be a challenge; with us you can win!

The majority of grant applications propose investing funds in the development of new technologies, like customized apps. Since technology requires continuous support and upgrades, most of these apps become outdated as soon as the grant funding is gone.

We suggest that you base your application on two winning approaches:

  1. Leverage the use of existing technologies, like izi.TRAVEL, and focus your applications on storytelling. This will add sustainability and value to your project.
  1. Grant providers welcome holistic projects with multiple stakeholders. Build a consortium with cultural institutions and tourism attractions in your area to develop indoor and outdoor tours covering the entire city. Thus creating a digital synergy among your institutions, tourist attractions, and local businesses.

izi.TRAVEL has named this multi-layered approach “Smart City.” Discover how Smart Cities function through this short video.

Incorporating free technologies, like izi.TRAVEL, in your project will strongly increase your chances of receiving more funds. Last January a consortium of international partners, received 1 Million Euros from the EU to invest in the GOSTEP project, which aims at developing content in different European countries, using izi.TRAVEL as the enabling system.
At izi.TRAVEL we have experienced fund raising consultants that will support you with free knowledge, documentation, and an elaborate network of professionals. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like our support.