The Hidden Potential of Audio Guides

Is an audio guide something for your museum to sell, or is it a powerful tool to sell your museum?

Audio guides have been around for over fifty years, and while the technology has changed considerably, the basic concept has not. An audio guide is a museum’s final marketing tool, and the last service they can provide to enhance a visitors experience—but is this guide a product a museum sells, or does this product sell the museum?

An audio guide that inspires is a powerful promotional that draws visitors to your museum. Publishing on an open platform exposes your museums content to millions of potential new visitors, who, touched by your stories, want to see your museum in real life. In conjunction with social media these guides increase the visibility of your brand, your collections, and special initiatives.

How can you create an audio guide that helps sell your museum? Provide your visitors with stories that engage their senses and enhance satisfaction—these stories allow visitors to experience your content in the way it was curated, and encourage visitors to look at and experience your exhibits in an innovative way. In tailoring content for unique audiences, your visitors become the main characters of your stories.

Brevity helps hold the attention of your audience—our statistics indicate that users prefer stories up to 3 minutes long. Ensure your guides are brief, memorable, and able to inspire your visitors, giving them an extra reason to visit your museum, and to keep returning!