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The museum is situated in the S. Maria della Fraternita or Sant’Eufemia church (this name was taken on when relics of the saint were transported from Rome in 1652). The church is situated in the oldest nucleus of the town near the ancient town gate called Porta delle Chiane.

The first documented notice dates 1402, the year in which the Fraternity was officially recognised by the Apostolic Seat. The golden period was promoted by the Trento Council, which gave new energy to this form of lay aggregation consequently favouring the great re-decoration which concerned the majority of places of worship belonging to assistential companies in the 16th century, among them the church in Foiano. Many commissions throughout the 16th- 18th centuries brought the building to its present shape: the furnishings and works of art chosen by the Fraternity make up the main nucleus of the museum collection.

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