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Thank you to these participants and supporters:

Mr Gérard Larrat, mayor of Carcassonne

Mr Jean-Louis Bès, assistant deputy of cultural affairs, special events and twinning

Mr Alain Daguerre de Hureaux, director of cultural affairs for Languedoc-Rousillon

Mr Xavier Fehrnbach, museum advisor to the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs

Mr Lahib, headmaster of Collège Le Bastion in Carcassonne

Ms Anna Gaillard, Collège Le Bastion’s ULIS class teacher

The students and their parents

Mr Bernard Pages, president of EVA

Ms Annie Athiel, EVA coordinator

Ms Marie-Noëlle Maynard, chief curator of the Carcassonne Museum of Fine Arts

Ms Emilie Frafil, assistant curator at the Carcassonne Museum of Fine Arts

Mr Christophe Horiot, heritage mediator at the Carcassonne Museum of Fine Arts

Ms Marie-Antoinette Gougaud, musicologist

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