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Audio tourLife & Survival in the Biesbosch

The natural landscape of the Biesbosch has been changing for centuries since the St Elisabeth flood of 1421 submerged the polder called Groote Waard (literally: ‘large piece of land outside the dikes’) and transformed the area into an inland sea.

New land formed due to tidal influences, sedimentation and plant growth. Interventions by the people of the Biesbosch – brushwood, reed and willow cultivation – also contributed to the creation of the unique landscape.

The exhibition ‘Life and Survival in the Biesbosch’ will show you how the landscape changed and how the people of the Biesbosch lived with the water and managed to survive on what nature had to offer.

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  • alfons

    5 out of 5 rating 06-28-2017

    geweldig museum., een aanradertje.