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Good afternoon, dear guests! We are glad to see you in “Nazarbayev Center”! This building is one of the new creations of the British architect Norman Foster. The technical uniqueness of this structure is a special design of the roof, thanks to which the diameter of the span reaches 81 meters. The total area of the building is more than 30 thousand square meters, it consists of 9 floors. The entire interior layout of the complex is concentrated around a central atrium with a diameter of 26 meters, an area of 535 square meters. Here, various events can be held, accommodating up to 500 visitors.

The building is a huge eye, directed to the sky. According to the architect's plan, the unique appearance of the building symbolizes the vital force of Independent Kazakhstan. This building is a model of ecological architecture, since the glass surface facing the sunlight allows accumulating solar heat, including in winter.

On 2-3 floors there are the Interactive Educational Center, exposition areas and the Personal Library of the President of Kazakhstan. Above are the offices of the staff of the Library, the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan, and the office of the President of Kazakhstan.

      The Library complex of the First President consists of two buildings: "Nazarbayev Center" and the former Presidential Residence located in the historical center of Astana on the right bank. You can visit both these information sites, providing full and exhaustive information about the activities of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the left part of the central hall (atrium) are selected works of the President of Kazakhstan, in which he sets forth the historical origins and conceptual principles of the formation of modern Kazakhstani statehood.

So, in the book "The Steel Profile of Kazakhstan" the author tells about the creation of a metallurgical base in the Kazakh SSR. The President of the country, who started his working life at the metallurgical plant, was a participant and an eyewitness of many accomplishments at this young enterprise. This book is a living testimony of the construction and development of Kazakhstan's Magnitka, the formation of its cohesive multinational collective. The most popular among researchers, graduate students and applicants use the books "In the Flow of History", "Kazakhstan-2030: Prosperity, Security and Welfare of All Kazakhstanis", "Eurasian Union: ideas, practice, prospects", "Epicenter of the World", "Strategy" Formation and development of Kazakhstan as a sovereign state ","Ideological consolidation of society - as a condition for Kazakhstan's progress ". Students of universities often turn to the books "On the threshold of the XXI century", "Critical decade", "Kazakhstan way" and others.

In addition, the books of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan cause wide interest not only among our compatriots, but also among foreign readers. Books of N.A. Nazarbayev are translated into more than 30 foreign languages.

Pay attention to the image of the flag of our country presented in the atrium, made in a unique technique of optical "refraction" by American artist David Datong. The author uses lenses and broken glass, thereby turning the picture into a collage coated with a shell of lenses. Thus, David invites the viewer to look more closely at familiar images and see new meanings in the known.

Dear guests, we will continue our excursion on the 2nd floor.

On the second floor you should climb the stairs, which is to the left of the bronze sculpture of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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