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The permanent museum exhibition is housed in several halls each dedicated to a specific time and topic. An extended period of time is covered from Prehistory to modern Bulgarian history. The Ethnographic Exhibition is accommodated in an authentic Vazrazhdane period house and the birth home of Konstantin Velichkov harbours the artefacts related with his life and work.

Archaeology Hall offers to the visitors artefacts related with the material and spiritual culture of Pazardzhik and its surrounding region: reconstructed Neolithic house interior, Neolithic and Chalcolithic anthropomorphic and zoomorphic clay vessels, wide variety of ritual statues and objects, antique and medieval coins, weapons, adornments and one of the richest collections of votive tables of the Thracian horseman.

Vazrazhdane Hall gives glimpse of Pazardzhik region in the years of Bulgarian National Revival up to the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878. The exhibition also presents the participation of the locals in the national liberation fights and the April Uprising (1876). The displayed items are original and are part of the rich museum funds, some of them include weapons, coins, articles belonging to the trade guilds, old printed books. More than 200 authentic pieces illustrate the central themes – the economic development of Pazardzhik as trade centre; the struggles of the local population for independent Bulgarian church, education and national liberation.

Modern History Hall actually comprises of three interconnected halls.  The first hall showcases eminent Pazardzhik citizens that participated in local government after the Liberation. Special place in the exhibition is allocated to famous historical and architectural monuments in the town – East Orthodox Cathedral Church Uspenie na Sveta Bogoroditsa (Saint Assumption of the Holy Virgin) and the Old Post Office building. There are also presented the architectural plans of Pazardzhik prepared at the beginning of 20th century by renowned local architects. In the second hall are demonstrated some of the trades typical of thee period – tailoring, rope making, hat making, basket weaving, metalworking etc. The third hall is dedicated to educational activities. The exhibition shows the cultural, educational, sports and charity organizations in Pazardzhik set-up by the influential public figures at the time. 

The museum Lapidarium accommodates archeological finds that are not displayed in the museum halls. The items are arranged in chronological order and constitute a diverse collection of statues, road columns, sacrificial alters and stone idol statues. There are also displayed different architectural elements such as capital columns, column bases, pilasters and architraves.

Another site under the museum management is Yunatsite Tell situated near the village of the same time. The results gathered after 40 years of archaeological excavations at Yunatsite Tell are of great importance to Prehistory scientists. New information has been revealed about settlement structure, house building, economic and spiritual life and the burial rituals of the most ancient dwellers of the tell that inhabited it over a period of several thousand years during the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Ages.

Regional History Museum-town of Pazardzhik is among the most respected museum in Bulgaria. Its funds house over 75 000 cultural artefacts and some of them have been displayed in USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Norway, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland and other countries.

Work time

Monday – Friday: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM 

4400 Pazardzhik, 15 Konstantin Velichkov Square
central: +359 34/ 44 31 08
tel./fax: +359 34/44 31 44


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  • Регионален исторически музей, пл. "Константин Величков", Център, Pazardzhik, Пазарджик, 4400, Bulgaria


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