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"The Museum of broken hearts" is primarily a Museum. According to the encyclopedia, this institution has been collecting, studying, storing and exhibiting objects. We carefully collect "Love Stories" and look for the best theirs embodiment. And, of course, study these stories: how are changing the characters, their habits and world perception .

But perhaps the most important thing is that you will be able to learn from these stories. Learn to listen to your loved ones, trust them, develop empathy. And cause them as little pain as possible. In any case, love is gone or not.

People collect their stories from pieces of memory, of insults and joy, frustration, humiliation and self-esteem. But the most important thing is that our Characters can critically look at the events of the past, drawing conclusions. This exhibition shares the stories and conclusions with other people who are also need them".


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  • 137, улица Желтоксан, Алмалинский район, Almaty, 0500000, Kazakhstan


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  • Елена

    1 out of 5 rating 08-05-2019

    Много шума вокруг ничего. Нет ничего особенного в данном музее.

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