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The Museum of Musical Instrument is a rare reality in the Italian museum scene. He is the custodian of a multi-ethnic collection of instruments and offers many ideas for knowledge, study and analysis. It is managed by the Museum Association of Musical Instrument, founded in 1996 by dr. Demetrio Spagna.

The collection of precious instruments from all over the world, which was initially at the founder's house, has then become so large as to require a more adequate location, the premises of the former Lido delle Ferrovie dello Stato station.

Part of the instruments, unfortunately, have been destroyed in fire of malicious nature, together with the library and digital archives on the night of November 3, 2013. The structure has been rebuilded thanks to the commitment of the Spagna family, of all the museum's members and volunteers who were willing to make their own contribution to save what remained of a heritage of unparalleled value.

"Liberation, from the soot, from the ashes, freeing the instruments from the boxes that contain them.The MuStruMu reopens raising his head, because on that dramatic day when he was set on fire, the citizens demanded that the Museum of Musical Instrument could return to role."

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  • Museo dello Strumento Musicale, Viale Genovese Zerbi, Ravagnese, Reggio de Calabre, Reggio di Calabria, Calabre, 89123, Italie


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