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The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum was established in 1967. It was the first specialised museum of carpets in the world. Its first exhibition was opened in 1972 in the Djuma-Mosque located in the ancient Baku Town “Icherishahar”.
The Museum is a treasury of Azerbaijani national culture. It demonstrated carpets in close connection with other kinds of traditional handicrafts of Azerbaijan. Its collection includes about 14 000 traditional carpets, embroideries, costumes, copper artworks, jewellery art, as well as contemporary works of glass, wood, and felt.
The Museum is a scientific centre for studying and developing the Azerbaijan carpet. It hosted international symposiums on the Azerbaijan carpet. The first symposium was held in Baku under the aegis of UNESCO in 1983. The next two symposiums took place in 1988 and 2003. The last one was held in UNESCO headquarters in Paris in 2007.
Following the decree by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, an up-to-date building of the Museum started to be built in 2008, and its new exhibition was opened in 2014.

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