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The museum is dedicated not only to the history of the BAM construction, but also the history of local settlement Tyndinsky, its development and formation.

On the 12th of July 1976 the local government made a decision to establish a museum of the BAM History as a branch of the Amur regional museum in Tynda.

The first exposition was created in the district House of Culture (a community centre for social and cultural activities for citizens). On the 24th of October 1977 the ceremonial opening of the first exposition took place. That moment the list of the museum artefacts consisted of four hundred items.

In 1984 a big exposition was prepared by the specialists of the State Historical Museum of Moscow together with the staff of the BAM museum for the day of the link-up of the main track of the BAM. That was located in the Palace of Culture of the Railway workers. In 1992 the museum was moved into the building of the town library.

In the autumn of 2001 the current museum building - a former building of the kindergarten, - was given to the museum. After the renovation new expositions were opened in September 2003.

The museum provides its service to 30 thousand of people yearly. The collection contains more than 43 300 items and  occupies a floor space of 230 square meters.

The museum is the second largest museum in the Amur region. It is visited not only by the citizens of our town, region and country, but also by foreign guests from all over the world. All of them have a keen interest in the history of the mainline construction. 

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  • Д/сад, 22, Спортивная улица, Тында, городской округ Тында, Oblast d'Amour, District fédéral extrême-oriental, 676290, Russie
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