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Founded in 1981, amplified and reorganised at the end of the 1980s, and reopened to the public in 1992, this museum holds a collection of ceramics mainly from Vietri, but also from other sites of Campania, such as Ariano Irpino and Cerreto Sannita, together with some examples from Puglia, Calabria, and Liguria. The visit itinerary courses through three principal sectors: the first includes objects of religious and devotional character, such as votive plaques and domestic holy water containers; the second contains the documentation relative to material needs, such as pottery for daily use, mainly from the nineteenth century; and the third illlustrates, through various labelled sections, the so-called German period. In the context of a programme of enlarging this Museum, private collections (those of Di Marino, Camponi, and Dolker) were acquired for the state patrimony. For the abundance of the pieces, their high quality, and the presence of those categories in which the Museum was poorly represented or indeed entirely lacking, these constiture the first step towards the re-definition of this institution, aimed at making it a point of reference for Southern Italy.

Autore dei testi:
Matilde Romito con la collaborazione di Silvia Pacifico

Traduzioni e voci:
Italiano – voce Matilde Romito - Editing audio Associazione Culturale Prisma
Inglese – traduzione e voce Erich Nicholson - Studio Pippolaticomusic di Luca Bechelli

Tutte le immagini sono di proprietà della Provincia di Salerno, autore Gaetano Guida

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