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The museum, which you are in right now, is a tribute of Samara’s citizens to their talented townsman, the one of the most famous Russian film directors who was born in Samara in 1927.
Nowadays due to Ryazanov’s invaluable contribution to the development of Russian culture there is an active process of memorializing him in the City of Samara. In 2012 an honorary citizen was conferred on Eldar Ryazanov by Samara City Council. The statue of the famous car thief Yuri Detochkin, a hero of Ryazanov’s “Beware of the car”, was unveiled involving the director himself at the railway station forecourt. In 2016 a commemorative plaque was placed on the façade of the building. In 2017 to honour the jubilee celebrations dedicated to Ryazanov's 90th birthday, the first monument of the director was unveiled near the house, in the public garden which was named in his honor.

The room, where the director spent the first days of his life and then years in evacuation during the war, is a central showpiece in the whole longlasting exhibition of The Eldar Ryazanov Museum. Due to the memories of Eldar Ryazanov and his contemporaries, you can learn more about the Samara period of his life and his work.

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  • 120, улица Фрунзе, Ленинский район, Samara, городской округ Самара, Oblast de Samara, District fédéral de la Volga, 443028, Russie
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