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Tour audioLegend of Lucius.

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        Be sure that your smartphone is fully loaded!
    Follow the track ont the map en new parts of the route will open itself.
·       View al the clips along the way and answer all the questions..
·       During the game you also enter the Stadsmuseum..
·       The person with the highest score and who found te perpetrator, wins the game!


I am LVCIVS, once I was standardbearer of the Roman army.

But I was ashamed, because there was a whispering that one of my ancestors, AVIDIVS,  had cut loose a Roman ship filled with valuables. The ship drifted to the other side of the river and hostile Frisii robbed the entire ship.


Not long afterwards there was a revolution and the Romans had to flee.

I can not believe that one of my familymembers did this. They are all ROMANS!

Can you help me find the real perpetrator? My statue is in the library (Meulmansweg) and you can tell me the answer overthere.


Somewhere in town there is a hidden metal object with my face and a code on it. A GEOCACHE. When you find the GEOCACHE, you can earn bonuspoints and perhaps you will win a beautiful price!

You can also play this game with several teams!. Therefor every team needs a cellphone with the app and the game downloaded on it.

If you swipe the picture to the left, you see a QR-code. This is easy to scan for the other players. You can also share this LINK.



Greetings and good luck!


Quest location

  • Koe van Woerden, Meulmansweg, Staatsliedenkwartier, Woerden, Utrecht, Pays-Bas, 3441AT, Pays-Bas

Cette quête contient des énigmes et des devinettes. Vous pouvez les résoudre en cherchant des indices sur le site. Les réponses correctes déverrouilleront de nouveaux défis. Accédez à cette quête dans l'appli izi.TRAVEL. Téléchargez-la maintenant pour commencer.


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  • Sophie

    4 out of 5 rating 05-09-2019

    we vonden het heel leuk we vonden het heel leuk

  • anoniem

    5 out of 5 rating 05-07-2019

    k vond het heel leuk

  • Tjardo

    5 out of 5 rating 11-27-2016

    Het is voor mij leuk omdat een paar kinderen op mijn school zitten/zaten

  • Tjardo

    5 out of 5 rating 11-25-2016

    Het is voor mij leuk omdat een paar kinderen op mijn school zitten/zaten