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Aram Khachaturian is a talented composer, whose compositions became part of the music classics of the 20-th century. His name is recognized throughout the world, and the compositions are performed worldwide, on the best theater stages, concert platforms, as well as the most distant places. Aram Khachaturian was born on 6 June in 1903 . His birthplace  was the city of Tiflis in an Armenian family. Aram Khachatryan’s family came of peasant families from Aza, an Armenian village in Nakhichevan. His father, Yeghia (Ilya), was born in the village of Upper Aza and moved to Tiflis at the age of 13; he owned a bookbinding shop by the age of 25. His mother, Kumash Sarkisovna, was from Lower Aza village.They had 4 sons.Their family turned to be very artistic. His elder brother,Suren, became well known in the theatrical world in Moscow. Vaginak was an amateur actor, the youngest brother,Levon, became a singer in Moscow. His nephews also dedicated themselves to art , Suren’s son Karen Khachaturian became composer in Moscow, Vaghinak’s daughter- Leyla, was an actress in Russian Theatre in Yerevan, Levon’s son, Emin, was a popular conductor.  Aram was the youngest, as a child he was very active. Most of all he liked to listen to Armenian ashughs in the streets. At the age of 8 he entered Princess Argutinskaya-Dolgorukaya's boarding –school, here Aram Khachaturian liked to attend music classes of Mushegh Aghayan, son of famous Armenian writer- Ghazaros Aghayan. Later, at the age of 10, he entered the Commercial School, he became a member of the student brass band and played tenor horn. The background of the hall is resembled to their house and balcony in Tbilisi.

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