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Welcome to Palazzolo Acreide!
With this audioguide, the result of a choral project by the students of the Liceo Classico and the Liceo Linguistico in Palazzolo, we want to introduce you to the countless stories of the ancient Greek city of Akrai and, above all, to the countless stories of the archaeological site known as "The Santoni", a rock Sanctuary linked to the cult of the goddess Cybele!
This audio guide therefore has an introductory function: it is the digital transposition of the didactic panels produced within the ReStart "I Santoni" project, and is almost a first "taste" of the many stories we have to tell you and that you can discover, even more detailed in the second audio guide, linked to this first one!
Here are the stories of our "Santoni"!

Credits: RESTART – “I SANTONI”, Rock Sanctuary of the Goddess Cybele – PO FSE Sicilia 2014-2020. “Progetti  sperimentali  di  collaborazione  didattico-scientifica  con  Università  o  Enti  pubblici  di  ricerca”. The project involved students and teachers from the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “Palazzolo Acreide”, in particular students from the Liceo Classico, Liceo linguistico And Liceo Artistico. The 4AC students Lolicata Giuseppe, Petrolito Federica, Privitera Dario e gli studenti della 5AC Amato Irene, Amatore Francesca, Augello Miriam, Garaffa Giulia, Militto Michele Pio, Monaco Sebastiano, Nigro Paolo and Scifo Noemi collaborated in the drafting of the texts and the voiceovers.The didactic work in the classroom and the revision of the texts were by Prof. Lucrezia Dibartolo; Prof. Teresa Papa collaborated in the classroom work. The texts were then translated by the students of the 3A class of the Liceo Linguistico, Bennardo Sara, Bologna Anastasia, Brischitti Giorgia, Ezznati Iman Alessandra, Fiducia Sharon, Garipoli Sara, Concolino Gaia, Giangravè Federica Lucia, Giannì Julia, Kerezovic Danijela, La Terra Alessia, Leone Alessia, Leone Ludovica Maria, vargas Duarte Karol Stefania and Zerpa Finocchiaro Sofia Margherita; the didactic work in the classroom and the revision of the texts were by Prof. Tina Nigro.
The review and organization of the contents was by Dr. Elisa Bonacini (external expert of the project for CUMO, University Consortium for the Eastern Mediterranean of Noto); the recording of the voiceover of the schedules and the processing of the audio files were handled by Dr. Raffaele Gallo (MEDIBLEI Cooperative of Palazzolo Acreide).
The introductory video has been realized by the students with PowToon.

Introduction text by Elisa Bonacini.


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  • Santoni, Via dei Santoni, Palazzolo Acreide, Siracusa, Sicilia, 96010, Italia


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