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The museum is hosted by the oldest public pharmacy in Cluj, attested during the second half of the 16th century. During the seventeen hundreds it became private and continued to function for centuries, until the Communist Period when it was nationalized (in 1949). For a few years it housed a pastry shop and the inventory of the old pharmacy was mostly scattered and lost. In 1954, at the initiative of the professors of the Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty in town and based on several private donations of objects from entire Transylvania, the Pharmacy Museum was opened in the location.

The building is a historical monument, known as the Maucksch-Hintz House, after the name of Tobias Maucksch the first privileged pharmacist of Cluj who had initiated the decoration of the Officina and who wrote important apothecary manuscripts, and the name of the last family of pharmacists, Hintz.

The structure of the rooms from the old pharmacy has been largely preserved. The most decorated room, the Officina, is where medicine was sold and where clients had access. The storage rooms, reserved to the pharmacists and his assistant(s), are now used to display the collection of scales, apothecary closets, books, and apothecary jars. The laboratory is reconstructed in the basement, where access was easily restricted and the secrets of the trade could be easily contained. The last hall, most likely not part of the old pharmacy, is used today for the medical equipment collection that completes the display.

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