Pinakin Audio Tours

The most accessed audio tours in South India. Government approved content and official audio tours in Tamilnadu & Karnataka

We are official approved guides for several places. We are recognized by Tourism Department of Karnataka and Tourism Department of Tamil Nadu.

India is a country with over 5000 years of history, and with temples, heritage places, palaces and buildings that are over thousands of years old.

India has highly-evolved forms of art and architecture, the social structure, the culture and traditions that are very tightly interwoven in the Indian fabric of life, and all of this we have beautifully woven as stories in our audio guided tours.

At this time, we are focused on providing audio guided tours for 2 south Indian states; Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Pinakin Audio Tours is for every Indian and every Foreign Tourist visiting South India. We are sure, once you have heard our audio tours, your ‘photographic memories’ will become ‘information memories’ that stays with you for a lifetime, with stories to tell your friends and family on what you know about Incredible India!