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Welcome! The app you just downloaded offers a guide to Pinocchio Park, at the various stops displaying a QR Code. Use your Smartphone's QR Code reader to center the QR Code in the frame so you can hear explanations as well as see pictures and film footage. Then, the Collodi Foundation's Pinocchio comic book will bring to mind those parts of the book related to the park area where you find yourself. Remember that by purchasing a single ticket at a special rate, you can also visit the historical Garzoni Garden with the Collodi Butterfly House in addition to Pinocchio Park.

Pinocchio Park originated from and because of a book, "The Adventures of Pinocchio". Here, where the author Carlo Collodi was child, the emotions and the events of the world’s best-loved and most well-known Italian book can be relived amid the greenery and the works of art. With millions of visitors for more than three generations, it is an art park and playground, where you will find:

- an itinerary among the sculptures and mosaics that recall Pinocchio's adventures;

- a museum where you can discover rarities, curiosities, and beautiful objects from the world of Pinocchio;

- Play and Learn Workshops for children;

- the Pinocchio Adventure Park that offers the River Dash and the Pirate Ship Adventure Trails to children aged 5 and up, who are 100-150 cm in height;

- a play area with a simple and nostalgic, truly Pinnochian style; and

- puppet shows,

all found in first theme park to be built in Italy and one of the first worldwide to be dedicated to a universally beloved character and to a book that everyone should know: by being or becoming children again ...

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  • ex Filanda Arcangeli, Via Pasquinelli, Barignano, Pescia, Pistoia, Toscana, 51012, Itália


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  • Анастасия

    1 out of 5 rating 05-29-2018

    Жалко, что только на английском!

  • JanMJ

    4 out of 5 rating 07-11-2017

    Nice and relaxing atmosphere.

  • AJ

    5 out of 5 rating 04-18-2017

    Love the story, the parc and the tour!

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