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The Basilica represents the centre of the religious history of the city. Since the first decade of 1600 we have limited information about a little church. Little by little it was enlarged, until the façade was inaugurated on  20th September 1885, according to the will of the priest, monsignor Domenico Morea, and of the local government headed by major Dr. Nicola Agrusti. It was designed by the local architect Antonio Curri, who had already designed the Galleria in Naples and the Caffè Gambrinus. The construction cost 241.000 lire and was completely paid by the local government.

The  façade is neoclassical and combines classical majesty and space research. It is 36 metres high and dominates the city. The church became the symbol of  religious culture, though it differed from the urban peculiarities of Alberobello, that was entirely built up of trulli.

The veneration of the “Santi Medici”, the patron Saints Doctors, is connected with the origin of this town and it was introduced by Giangirolamo II Acquaviva of Aragona and his wife Isabella Filomarino. The latter’s family, that came from Atri, settled in Conversano since the XV century, after the marriage between Antonio Acquaviva and Caterina del Balzo. The lady  received from her father, the prince of Taranto, the county and so the dominion over the lands of Alberobello, the ancient Silva Arborelli, as it was first called.

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Entry: Antonietta D'Oria
Translation: Antonietta D'Oria
Technical collaboration: Marco Benedetto
- Martellotta A, 2010 - Guida storica e artistica basilica di Alberobello dei santi Cosma e Damiano, Ed. La Basilica dei Santi Medici, Alberobello;
- Panzarino R, Martellotta AMN, Martellotta A, 2012 - Alberobello sacra, Ed. La Basilica dei Santi Medici, Alberobello.

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  • pietro

    5 out of 5 rating 03-26-2016

    meraviglioso bravissimi.

  • Francesco

    5 out of 5 rating 03-18-2016

    Finalmente una audioguida per la Basilica Santuario dei santi medici Cosma e Damiano di Alberobello. Da oggi, chiunque entra in chiesa, oltre a pregare e venerare i santi patroni, avrà modo di conosce e quindi di apprezzare il genio del fautore di tanta bellezza, l'arch. Antonio Curri, e le opere esposte, segno dei maestri De Biase, Rollo e Bramante.

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