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                                 WOODWORKS MUSEUM

            What makes the Wood Works Museum so interesting?

The Woodworks Museum was open in 1984 to showcase and display the history of the forest and timber industry in Queensland Australia.

You will see a steam driven saw mill, (Demonstrations on Friday and on request for pre-booked tours). 1870's era with 5ft. blade driven by a single cylinder American engine (bore 254mm stroke 305mm(10x12 inches). The sawmill is supported by 19 ironbark poles concreted three meters into the ground and huge rafters support the roof. The steam engine will be specially fired up for us with all drive belts running.

 A craftsman (on request for pre-booked tours)  will be working in the pit, demonstrating all the hand tools of the era. Splitters, wedges, shingle splitters, broad axe, adzes, just to mention a few.

Marvel at the Kauri Pine disc 2.4 meters in diameter and 10cm thick, milled from a tree 619 years old that once  grew on the Atherton tablelands.

View the largest timber bad saw to be used in Australia, first used in1882. The band saw is 14.7 meters long ,2.4mm thick, strained to 6800kg. cut up to 600mm deep at speed of 44meters per minute

Various foot peddled machines, including a demonstration of a lathe that followed a template to make axe handles.

There are a number other saws to see, a large mobile buss saw, drag saw. a number of old chain saws, engine driven heavy cross cut saw, two man cross cut saws, a scroll saw (1876) and more.

See the Blacksmiths shop (Demonstrations on Friday's and on request for pre-booked tours)

The timber cutters camp, mill office, a large Steinhort timber wagon, other restored wagons, horse jinkers, a snigging display, 1929 Republic truck, log trolley, wagon wheels, and much more.

108 Wood panels, each a different species of Queensland timbers are on view, together with many wooden articles, including a wooden chain.  Perfectly carved with a pocket knife made out one piece of wood, no joins.  There is a 890 mm circumference sphere made out of twenty hexagonal and twelve pentagonal segments each 100 mil. thick.

There is far too much to mention here, my aim is to give some idea of what you will see.


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    That's a pity that such a good content is voiceovered by robot voice.

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