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Welcome to the Picardy museum of the Resistance and Deportation.
Picardy region was deeply affected during both World Wars. Aisne as well as the two departments (Somme and Oise) part of Picardy, suffered in its flesh two conflicts.
At first some historical reminders :
Its World War brought a lot of destruction. For 4 years, the front was settled from Bapaume to Château-Thierry trough the 3 departments of Picardy where three major battles occured :
-The Battle of Somme (1st of July to December 1916) between Péronne and Albert.
-The Battle of the way of Injuries (16 April to November 1917) between Soissons and Reims.
-The Second Battle of Somme (21 of March to August 1918) between Soissons, Saint-Quentin and Amiens.
Saint-Quentin, Albert, Péronne, Soissons, Noyon were completely destroyed. Over the firing line, 40 000 farmland hectares were devastated. A hundred villages disappeared from maps.
1939-1945 destructions are as important as 1914-1918 but from different kind. Agricultural lands were barely touched, exception made of hundreds of hectares requisitioned by Germans to install aerodromes, mine fields or flood costs. Many village from across Somme suffered from June 1940 battle, others were bombarded by allies in 1943-1944. Every railway stations were destroyed.
The city of Tergnier is not exempt from these destructions. The German troops shave the city and his vicinity.From memory of former, there is nothing left, no house still stands.
95% of the villages of Fargniers were devastated.
In 1918, the mayor proposed a reconstruction project using the form of concentric square, around which municipal buildings would be constructed.
In 1922, the Trustees of the Carnegie Endowment Trust (an institution founded in 1910 by the American industrialist, Andrew Carnegie), awarded a Grant of $500 000 for the reconstruction of the devastated areas of France, Belgium and Serbia; it also made an award of $150 000 for the reconstruction of the municipal buildings in Fargniers.

Around the square are grouped:
- the town hall
- a post office
- a police station
- a pump
- a hall
- an assembly hall
- the Carnegie foyer
- public baths
- schools
- green spaces and play areas
This place(square) has an Anglo-Saxon style
The laying of the foudation stone took place in 1922 and the project was completed by 1928.
The room wich welcomes the museum today is a room of theater, dance hall but also cinema. Closed in the 1980s, the association of the friends of museum resumes places to install its collection there, with the support of the Departmental Council which buys walls.

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  • Place Carnegie de Fargniers, Place Carnégie, Fargniers, Tergnier, Laon, Aisne, Nord - Pasul Calais și Picardia, Franța metropolitană, 02700, France


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