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The human settlement of the Pelagie Islands is marked by discontinuity from the prehistory to the modern era.

The location of the islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea gives them a strategic relevance as a landing point along the maritime trading routes but at the same time both the geographic isolation and the exiguity of the resources severely interfere with a durable settlement.

Every time that the archaeological research confirmed the human presence on the islands, which is documented in this Museum, it can be always connected to the broader events affecting more generally the Mediterranean basin. So it is in the prehistory, when the islands are involved in the Mediterranean overseas trade earlier for obsidian and later for metal supply or during the Roman Empire, about two thousand years ago, when the marine resources were exploited on large scale, or even in the Late Antiquity when a whole community in disagreement with the central power for religion and politics exiled itself to the border of the Vandalic Reign, about one thousand five hundred years ago

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  • Lampedusa e Linosa, Agrigento, Sicilia, Italia


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  • Claudia

    4 out of 5 rating 08-15-2016

    Ottimo strumento di informazione.

  • Umberto

    5 out of 5 rating 06-05-2016

    Molto bella e utile per scoprire l'archeologia di Lampedusa e soprattutto il legame tradizionale con la pesca sin dall'antichità!

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