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Museum Mensinge Manor shows the live of the upper classes during the 18th and 19th century in the province of Drenthe. The manor is situated in walking distance from the centre of Roden in the north of  Drenthe. You will find ten stylish decorated rooms with authentic furniture and amusing and interesting stories about the inhabitants. The manor is first mentioned as the  "Mensinghe goet" in Roden in a chronicle of the bishop of Utrecht in 1381. In 1728 the house gets its present shape and was inhabited as a private residence till 1984. In that year the counsel Roden (now Noordenveld) took over the manor including its contents and after a thorough restauration the house opened in 1988 as a museum.


Museum Mensinge Manor is closed from around mid-September till early April except for a few special occasions like around Christmas. For up-to-date information and opening hours please refer to the official website www.mensinge.nl

Guided tours can always be arranged, also outside opening hours. Please enquire, preferably by email to  info@mensinge.nl or call 050-5015030

When using QR-code scanning, please make sure your Standard Language in the app's menu is set to English to ensure the code gives you the English version of this audio tour.

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  • 7, Mensingheweg, Roden, Noordenveld, Дренте, Нидерланды, 9301KA, Нидерланды
  • www.mensinge.nl


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