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The birth of the museum comes from a donation made by the doctor Antonio Giampiccoli of his Gallery pictures in 1872, that became the foundation of the museum collection.
To this later were added other as that of the Conte Florio Miari, that of scientific materials donated by the provincial cabinet of natural and industrial, that of the geologist Thomas Anthony Catullo, Angelo Doglioni ornithologist, botanist Alessandro Francesco Sandi and other.
Palace of Jurists was chosen as value though it had just been restored after the earthquake of 1873 and the museum was opened to the public only in 1876. Now are preserved paintings, sculptures, bronze plaques, drawings and prints, the collection of art objects Zambelli-Perale, the jewelry collection Prosdocimi Bozzoli; and the Archaeological Collection. The first keeper of the Museum was Osvaldo Monti, an important figure in bellunese culture , who added to the museum collection also records of deliberation of the ancient community Cividal of Belluno.
Currently the picture gallery of the museum preserves works by Simone Cusighe, Matthew Cesa, Jacopo Palma il Giovane, Sebastiano and Marco Ricci, Ippollito Caffi and other painters, there are sculptures by Andrea Brustolon and Valentino Panciera Besarel, bronze plaques of Valerio Belli, Christopher Caradosso Modern Andrea Riccio and many more.
In the coming years the art collection will be transferred to the Palace Fulcis-De Bertoldi, the city's most important eighteenth-century building located in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, which is currently undergoing restoration.


DOM. 9-12
MART. 9-12, 15-18
MERC. 9-12
GIOV. 9-12
VEN. 9-12, 15-18
SAB. 9-12

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