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The Betty Brown Historical Centre celebrates the changing role of women in rural agricultural communities and in particular in the West Arthur Community.  A tour through this Centre will highlight how women worked, lived and participated in this area.  The Centre also highlights a number of women who made significant contributions throughout the years.  

Betty Brown enabled the creation of this centre through a generous bequest to the Shire of West Arthur.  

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  • Health and Resource Centre, Burrowes Street, Darkan, Shire Of West Arthur, Западная Австралия, 6392, Австралия


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  • Barry Strickland

    5 out of 5 rating 03-11-2020

    For those who grew up in small rural communities in Western Australia, the Betty Brown Historical Centre captures the spirit and strength of the women who sustained them through years both good and bad. The Shire of West Arthur, with the town of Darkan as its centre, has had an abundance of strong woman (like Betty) across its history, including those directly honoured within the centre's displays and the accompanying on-line audio files.

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