Writer and travel aficionado with an addiction to Spain - that's me in a nutshell!

I’m Wendy Crawford, a writer and marketing person in the eyes of clients and acquaintances. The real person, the ones friends know as Wendy, was born with an insatiable wanderlust and a talent for the written word that allowed me to live in many countries over the years. I became enamored with Spain as a teenager – long enough ago to have been one of the back-packing, thumb-out for a ride generation; and after the first two dozen transatlantic flights back I quit counting.

There is something about Spain that touches and pulls at my heart and soul. Considering I’ve called Honolulu, Sydney and Boston home that’s indicative of just how deep my love affair with Spain is. I hope you fall as deeply in love with the country on your visit as I did and do with each visit!

As a writer, marketing and branding professional with a background in broadcasting, advertising agencies and corporate marketing and communications I decided ten years ago to do what I do best and enjoy most. I collaborate and partner with selected clients to bring their visions to life. I write websites, videos, brochures, ads, eBooks, newsletters and more – whatever is needed to successfully reach their goals.