ВведениеThe Taiga Climate Mysteries

Dear friends! This collection offers you to get acquainted with the vegetation of the taiga. You will learn how climate changes affect taiga forests and how the forest resists climate change. Plunge into the world of the ancient epic and feel the taiga fairy tales. The quiz questions will make your virtual journey exciting.

When did coniferous trees appear? What is a relic forest? How does poplar differ from aspen? How many trees are there per person? You will find the answers to all these and other questions.

For the story about the taiga, we have created special outdoor demonstration sites. One of them is located in Russia in the dendrological park named after S.Ya.Sokolov of the Otradnoye Scientific and Experimental Station of the Botanical Institute named after V.L.Komarov of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Leningrad Region, Priozersky district, poselok Plodovoe). Another site is located in Finland in the Punkaharyu arboretum (Puistometsäntie 10, 58450 Punkaharju).

During a walk through the demonstration sites, you will see the vegetation typical to the taiga and learn the scientific names of trees familiar from childhood. You will learn what benefits trees bring to us and what trees should be planted near the house.

Read the stories carefully and answer the questions. The text of the question will appear after clicking on the button with the master's cap. After answering the question, do not forget to click the "Comment" button. This way you will learn more interesting facts.

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