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With the founding of the Museum of the Province of Salerno in 1927, Antonio Marzullo, the first director, brought together other fruitful collections, also in not specifically archeological contexts, destined to become the first historic cores of other Museums: very often, they were genuine salvage operations, for example in the case of the Polyptych of Buccino, carried out on 14th August 1928. The Art Gallery of the Province thus was born thanks to the recovery, within the terrritory of Salerno, between 1927 and 1938, before the World War II hiatus, of works dating from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century, to which were added other paintings through acquisitions or donations. There is also present a noteable 19th century nucleus, from the School “of Posillipo” to Salernitan artists, that through the century experienced a production that has recently received a more correct historical collocation. The seat of the museum is the above-cited, historic Palazzo Pinto, in the ancient city centre of Salerno. In 1974 Venturino Panebianco said: “with a large part of the Art Gallery of the Province still remaining on the first floor of the Palazzo della Provincia, it has been opportunely decided to assure the colleciton a decorous home on the second floor of the time-honored Palazzo Pinto, in Via Mercanti. In this way, it will be possible to accomplish the wished-for dedication of this building to the role of Palace of Culture, in the heart of the historic urban centre of Salerno, conveniently arranging for other services and offices of historical-cultural interest.”

Autore dei testi:
Matilde Romito con la collaborazione di Silvia Pacifico

Traduzioni e voci:
Italiano – voce Matilde Romito - Editing audio Associazione Culturale Prisma
Inglese – traduzione e voce Erich Nicholson - Studio Pippolaticomusic di Luca Bechelli

Tutte le immagini sono di proprietà della Provincia di Salerno, autore Gaetano Guida

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