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The “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve was founded in October 19, 1968 on 2750th anniversary of Yerevan city.  The finds discovered from three famous archaeological sites of Arin berd, Karmir blur and Shengavit   situated in the administrative boundaries of Yerevan, were the scientific reason for the foundation of the museum.

Today the “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve is the only archaeological museum-reserve for people in Yerevan and an important Urartuological center in the region.  

The museum building imitates the construction of an Urartian palace and preserves the principle of the people’s houses with external soundproof walls and a smooth roof around the internal yard. The architects were Shmavon Azatyan and Baghdasar Arzumanyan and  the sculptor was Ara Harutyunyan.

The collection of the “Erebuni” museum includes 12 671 archaeological artifacts found during the excavations of Arin berd, Karmir blur, Shengavit archaeological sites and also from different regions of Armenia. All these artifacts belong to pre-Urartian, Urartian, Achaemenid, Hellenic and early Armenian periods. The abovementioned artifatcs are collected in 128 collections. 

The permanent exhibition of  the museum presents the history of  Urartu,  its developed economy, architecture and fine arts, irrigation and defensive systems, construction techniques, wall painting, pottery and other materials which prove the  progress of the state.  It occupies more than 1500  square meters ,  including an open - air exhibition organized  in the inner courtyard.
The model of the Erebuni fortress,  7 cuneiform inscriptions among which is included the inscription which is supposed to be the birth certificate of Yerevan city are displayed in the exhibition hall. 

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  • Էրեբունի ամրոցի թանգարան, 38, Այվազովսկու փողոց, Էրեբունի համայնք, Jerevan, 0020, Armenien


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