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Welcome to Vienna! If you love Christmas and have high expectations of this place at this time of year, you are not going to be disappointed! Vienna really is the place to be when Christmas is around the corner. The city is bursting with holiday spirit and everybody is here to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere, just like ourselves. Here in Vienna the tradition of Christmas markets goes all the way back to the Middle ages, when in the 13th century the citizens were granted a Christmas market or “Krippenmarkt”. Now, just like back then the stalls are set up in the squares or in the small streets of this beautiful city. Did you know that the tradition of decorated Christmas trees also comes from the Germanic countries and dates back several hundred years? Here at the different Christmas and advent markets you will get the chance to adore a wide variety of Christmas trees decorated in more ways than you can imagine. One of the things that really makes this Christmas market tour the perfect preparation for Christmas is all the smells and flavors that add to the atmosphere. Many of the markets offer the typical Austrian Christmas goodies like the delicious Glühwein (mulled wine), which not only helps to warm your frozen fingers but also your throat and tummy. Not to mention the Lebkuchen (ginger bread), gebrannte Mandeln (roasted almonds), Maroni (sweet chestnuts), Bratwurst (fried sausages), and Bratkartoffeln (baked potatoes). We promise you won’t leave this tour hungry, but full of Christmas food and Holiday Happiness!

So don’t hesitate – strap on your best winter walking boots, your hat and a pair of really cozy gloves and let’s go discover Vienna with all its Christmas magic!

Quest location

  • Belvedere, Metternichgasse, Botschaftsviertel, KG Landstraße, Landstraße, Wien, 1030, Österrike

Det här uppdraget består av gåtor och mysterier. Du kan lösa dem genom att hitta ledtrådar på plats. De rätta svaren låser upp nya utmaningar. Hitta det här uppdraget i izi.TRAVEL-appen. Ladda ner nu för att börja.


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