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In the Art Gallery you will find exhibitions of national and international contemporary art.

In 1999 the Bohuslän Museum announced a competition for the design of a new art gallery on the museum site. The task was a difficult one, demanding a building that connected with the existing museum in a natural way, while retaining its own, individual profile. Alexis Pontvik won the competition with a design called “Light and Space”, a flexible and functional building for contemporary art. Starting with the ”white cube”, the architect has created a light, neutral and beautiful exhibition hall that can easily be blacked-out if required. The small gallery (Lilla Salen) situated next to the new Art Gallery provides excellent facilities for smaller projects or video installations.

The gallery that forms a natural link between the museum and the Boat Hall is another space that can be used for exhibitions. The total exhibition space amounts to about 375 m2. The new building has an aluminium facing, and the grey surface harmonizes with the grey wooden panelling of the rest of the museum.

It is primarily thanks to a most generous donation from the Swedish industrialist Percy Barnevik that we have had the opportunity to erect the new Art Gallery. Contributions have also been made by the Swedish Ministry of Housing from Västra Götalandsregionen, Uddevalla kommun and the museum foundation. The Art Gallery was opened in March 2002, with the exhibition “Visitors” including artist like Gary Hill, Annika Larsson, and CM von Hausswolff.  

Since the opening in 1992, the Art Gallery at the Bohusläns Museum in Uddevalla has hosted about six exhibitions each year, displaying both Swedish and international contemporary art. A number of the Gallery’s earlier projects presented a new generation of Swedish artists, several of whom now enjoy international reputations.  

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