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This year the Museum of History in Basel is opening its doors to Museomix – people make museums. From 11th until 13th November, the participants - the museomixers - of this international three-day creative marathon are mixing up the museum and its collection.  Watch the Museomix Basel video to grasp the vibe of this event.

An interdisciplinary team of museomixers exchange their ideas and their expertise, and create innovative and interactive elements for cultural mediation in little time. The developed prototypes challenge the traditional museum atmosphere and provide a fresh approach to the museum as well as its collection for visitors.

Discover the new ideas generated during the Museomix event to make visiting the museum even more interesting and fun.

Museomix is a global event that takes simultaneous place in 5 countries, 15 cities and 18 different places this year.

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  • Basler Kantonalbank, Barfüsserplatz, Altstadt Grossbasel, Bâle, Bâle-Ville, 4001, Suisse


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