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The Air Museum opened to the public on July 1st, 1971, in an old hangar of the Military Aviation in Alverca.

The rapid growth of the collection made the space insufficient, not allowing an expansion that the quality of the collection required.

This situation led the Portuguese Air Force to launch a project for a new museum space established from the recovery of a hangar here at the Air Base no. 1, at Granja do Marquês, about 3500 m2. 

The new space was officially inaugurated in December 2009, becoming the headquarters of the Air Museum. In 2011 a new exhibition area was inaugurated, which corresponded to the museum's second phase of expansion, about 3000 m2, resulting from the restructuring of three hangars whose architectural matrix dates back to 1920, when the Military Aviation School of Vila Nova da Rainha was transferred to Granja do Marquês. 

The Air Museum, the only Aviation Museum in Portugal, manages a very diverse collection, comprising aircraft that served in the Military Aeronautics, Naval Aviation and Portuguese Air Force, aircraft cockpits, TAP (Portuguese Air Transport) and ANA (Airports of Portugal) museum spaces, Pioneers Room, engines, simulators, among others. In 2013, the Portuguese Association of Museums awarded the Air Museum the prize of the best museum of the year. 

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  • Granja do Marquês, Pêro Pinheiro, Almargem do Bispo, Pêro Pinheiro e Montelavar, Sintra, Lisbona, Grande Lisboa, Área Metropolitana de Lisboa, 2715/018, Portogallo
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  • Victor Palminha

    5 out of 5 rating 12-18-2018

    Ajuda para preparação da visita de trabalho. Imagem e informaçao sobre caraterísticas muito objetiva. Obrigado.

  • Aurora Janeiro

    5 out of 5 rating 12-15-2018

    Um auxiliar precioso para quem visita o Museu.

  • Tiago Ferreira Dias

    5 out of 5 rating 08-18-2018

    Gostaria de ver os atuais aviões da força aérea.

  • Ulisses Guimarães

    5 out of 5 rating 07-13-2018

    Excelente visita. Adequada a toda a família. O audio-guia está bem concebido é é de fácil utilização.

  • Manuel Costa Vicente

    5 out of 5 rating 07-13-2018

    Excelente coleção de aviões e funcionários muito prestáveis. recomendo

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