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The Jaffna Fort in Sri Lanka is not only renowned for its rich cultural and historical significance but also for its relevance to tourism and local festivals in and around the Jaffna peninsula. The historical significance of the Jaffna fort is known to everybody. However, the fort has a distinct resemblance to the culture and festivals of Sri Lanka that makes the Jaffna Islands more fascinating and exciting that one would imagine. The inception of the Jaffna Fort dates back to when the Portuguese invaded Jaffna in 1618. In the present, the Jaffna fort is located near Karaiyur, which was later occupied by the Dutch in 1658. After that, the British invaded and expanded the fort in 1795 and remained under the control of the British until 1948 (The Sun Daily, 2015). This script does not solely highlight the great historical importance that Jaffna Fort holds but also explains the cultural prominence of the Jaffna islands that is a result of the tourism and cultural reflection the fort offers to the peninsula as a whole.

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  • Passaiyoor, යාපනය දිස්ත්‍රික්කය Yāḻppāṇam māvaṭṭam, උතුරු පළාත, 7, Sri Lanka


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