About us

We believe that every site or work of art has a story waiting to be told. That stories bring art, streets and cities to life. And that stories connect people.

The Noblest Pleasure is the JOY of Understanding

Leonardo da Vinci

Our Story

In 2011, we – a team of Dutch innovators – joined forces with a Swiss investor with the aim of connecting cities, museums and their stories with travellers who wanted to explore the world in a brand new, innovative way: via a global, open and free platform. A bit like Facebook or Wikipedia. Although this idea wasn't anything new, no-one had yet done it on such a large and ambitious scale.


We do what we do because we really want to help organisations in the culture, heritage and tourism sectors bring their stories to life. We also want to make exploring museums and cities even more inspiring and enriching for visitors and travellers alike.


We realise the greatest challenge we face is making izi.TRAVEL the go-to platform for the travel market: a dynamic hub where thousands of content providers can easily create multimedia guides for millions of travelers. Thankfully, our free platform enables fast growth! Plus we are committed to continuous investment in cutting-edge technology, enabled by a team of more than 50 professionals around the globe.