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Benefits Of Using An Audio Tour Guide

How izi.TRAVEL app utilisation benefits you which has been made with a view of letting you enjoy the World's Best Tourist attractions with an overwhelming experience.
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Why izi.TRAVEL Is Your Best Tour Guide!

izi.TRAVEL is the World's No. 1 Audio Tour Guide having 11000+ Audio Tours in more than 100 countries over the globe.
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Top 5 Places to Visit in India During February!

Planning for your next trip in India? izi.TRAVEL suggests you these 5 destinations for your next trip to India during the pleasant month of Feb, assuring you a Fascinating Tour Experience with your loved ones or even a solo adventure!
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Smart city


Ummer Sahib, Director of izi.TRAVEL, World’s No.1 story telling platform, urging Tourism Departments and Museums to utilize smart technologies to enhance visitor experience. Mr. Sahib ( is the co-author of the springer published book on E-democracy for Smart Cities.
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#trains #railway #trams #metro on izi

Find your example train - museums and trails - audio tours here
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izi.TRAVEL in the media

This an overview of articles published about izi.TRAVEL tours or izi.TRAVEL
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Audio Guide Usage: iPhone versus Android in 2018

It is no secret that the iOS and Android users often argue which OS is better. But most often, such disputes shortly shift from phone comparison to comparing preferences of their owners. While some people love openness and versatility, others prefer perfection in every detail.  To check if there is a difference between iOS and Android fans in their choice of museums and tours we decided to have a little fun with statistics of izi.TRAVEL , the global mobile storytelling platform izi.TRAVEL has published over 8,500 free audio guides in 2000 cities around the world. And we found some remarkable results!!
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How to Commission an Audio Guide Project?

A growing number of museums, heritage organisations and destination marketing organisations find funding to produce audio guides for their visitors. Some of them approach izi.TRAVEL with a question “how to organise an audio guide project and how to find a professional to manage the projects?”. This article gives you an overview of scenarios to outsource your tour project.
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€7.5M EU Grant Programme for Storytelling. Deadline 24 apr 2018

Hereby we inform you about a new European grant you can use to fund your projects in mobile storytelling.
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Is Portugal The Best Surfing Location In The World?

With so many great surfing locations across the globe, many people question whether Portugal can live up to the standard of other unique surfing locations – but it most certainly does.
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#chocolate #choco on izi

This post is an overview of inspiring chocolate tours on izi.TRAVEL
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Should You Visit London or New York This Year?

Both of these cities are truly iconic, and you definitely want to visit both at least once in your lifetime. However, we all know that travelling across the world isn’t cheap, and therefore sometimes you need to make an informed decision about the next destination for your travels. It’s always crucial to remember, however, that you need protection when travelling abroad. Therefore, if you decide to visit New York after reading this post, it’s imperative that you take US VISA registration seriously if you want to prevent expensive injuries.
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Promote your audio tour

40 ways to promote your audio guide (+3)

Creating the high quality stories is not enough to make an audio tour successful: stories become truly valuable only when your visitors will use them, experience them. This requires that you promote your publication(s) in cooperation with your network and izi.TRAVEL is here to help you to succeed. Below we share marketing best practices with you and hope you benefit from it and realize that you can do A LOT MORE, without spending a lot of money.
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Self-made Olympia audio tour of CGU-5 launched

This week a class of CGU is guided by their self-made audio tour when visiting Olympia in Greece.
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Jonathan Groubert, journalist, storyteller, copywriter, trainer, fixer, podcaster, shares his views on the audio guide production. Content? No problem! Credibility? Check! An engaging narrative? Whoops!
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girl power

Re-thinking History with izi.TRAVEL

This is exactly what Master’s students in Public History from the University of Amsterdam are challenged with. Read more about them reconsidering history from a feminist prospective within the Digital Public History course, taught by Manon Parry, P
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5 tricks that will boost the use of your audio guide

What are the 5 key factors that influence the take-up rat elf your audio guide?
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A story a day….

Social media is a powerful way to promote your activities, so why not use it to promote your tours?
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Maximise your visibility with Cross-Links!

Some of you might be asking yourselves,…”cross what?” Now there’s no need to be scared, we’re talking about something you might already be doing, or can do with very little effort.
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Zodiacs in the museum

Can your sign influence the way you look at art?
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